Thank you for your interest in the game's development and how you might contribute to it! Battle Mage Royal is a huge undertaking, and we are always looking for people who wants to help out with the production.


We would love to have more authors for the game! I believe that having more writers on the project is important for making the scenes imaginative and diverse. If you're an author who is missing something in the game that you would like to write for it, chance are that we'd be thrilled to put it in.

Content that require writing:

  • Spells
  • Skills
  • Scenarios
  • Character qualities
  • Fortune cards


The visual experience is important for the game, but I am no artist myself and therefore rely and the help of others. Plenty of content is reliant on graphical assets, and we need the help from skilled artists to expand the game world.

Content that require graphics:

  • Characters
  • Player avatars
  • Locations
  • Character qualities
  • Fortune cards
  • Items


We have decided to not take on any technical help with the game's development. This is to protect user's personal data but also has to do with the Mythical Man-Month: The management required to run development on an existing project becomes exponentially larger with each new developer introduced. It would be inefficient and we do not wish for our technical developers' time to be eaten up by management.

Please offer your help at